Park Rules

All campers are asked to observe the following conditions. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy your stay. 

Property Terms and Conditions 

  • Please observe all signage. 

  • By staying at the park you agree to abide by and follow the terms and conditions and park and relevant Government rules and regulations  

  • Camping fees must be paid. 

  • Maximum period of stay is no more than 150 days in any 12-month period (as per Local Govt Regulations 2005 – Reg 73).  

  • If the period exceeds 150 days, you will be held to the process that outlines the management of this and may include immediate eviction. This process is subject to terms and conditions explained by management of the park. 

  • Any antisocial behaviour is not accepted and could result in the person/people being asked to leave the site immediately. Whether you instigate the situation or not. 

  • Dogs on a leash are permitted (you must clean up after them). Problem dogs may be excluded from the campsite at Park Management discretion. (Maximum of 2 dogs per site) 

  • No dog to be left unattended for long periods or overnight. 

  • Use constructed walking tracks when accessing beaches. 

  • Observe campground speed limit. 

  • No alternations to the grounds and natural environment such as gardening. 

  • Comply with fire restrictions in place at the time of stay. 

  • All fires are contained within a fire pit and completely extinguished prior to vacating the site. 

  • It is an offence to cut down or break branches off trees within the campgrounds. Chainsaws and their use are also not permitted. Please bring firewood with you or purchase firewood from the Caretakers. 

  • Please do not empty mobile toilet systems in the campground toilets – this will disrupt the septic system. There is a dump point at Shore St Moruya, and Dalmeny Camping Ground. 

  • Please clean and gut fish at the beach or boat ramp. Do not use campground taps as this causes smells and attracts vermin. 

  • Please use bins for all litter. Recycling facilities available on site. 

  • All sites must be kept clean and tidy and only have temporary camping equipment onsite. As way of example no fences, gardens, sinks, power tools, lounges, fridges, household furniture/appliances 

  • Park Management or its agents reserve the right to direct any persons to vacate the area at any time without the necessity of stipulating the reason for such action and any person so directed shall vacate the area without delay. 

  • No unreasonable noise at any time. No loud music after 10pm. 

  • For the comfort of all campers please keep the use of generators to a minimum and only between the hours of 8am and 8pm. 
  • Maximum period of stay is no more than 150 days in any 12-month period or (28 days consecutively) (as per Local Govt Regulations 2005 – Reg 73).  
  • Liability or responsibility for damage to or loss of personal belongings is not accepted. 

  • Distance between all van sites = six (6) meters. 
  • No generators to be used at any time.
  • Unoccupied caravans, campervans and tents are not to be allowed to remain in the camping ground for more than 24 hours. 

Cancellations and Changes 

  • During peak periods, a full refund less $25 admin fee will be given where two weeks’ notice before stay is provided.  
  • In all other periods (off peak & shoulder) a full refund less $25 admin fee will be given where 48 hours’ notice prior to stay is provided.  
  • Pension rates apply during off peak period only. Guest must show Pension Card.  
  • Please note: We do not issue refunds for inclement weather or for stays cut short for any other reason. 

Booking Policy  

  • Min 1 night deposit on all bookings. A booking cannot be secured without payment at the time of booking. 
  • All Online bookings will be charged at the time of booking. 
  • All School Holiday, Long weekend and Peak periods require full payment 30 days before arrival. 

We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you enjoy your stay.

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